I have insomnia

I can’t sleep no more I get seriously no sleep and I get up to go work as a heavy duty truck mechanic like I get tired to fall asleep then I just shoot up and bam there goes any chance to goto sleep I’m seeing my doctor today if he can prescribe me sleep medicine because I can’t live like this I’m losing my mind over it

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Yesterday I slept for 2 hrs and coldest fall asleep after I got back home from work even though I was tired today I got no sleep luckily I have no work but I have to see my Psychiatrist so I have to drive there

Have you tried melatonin or Tylenol pm?

Are you on meds? Abilify and Vraylar both caused me insomnia and gambling issues.

Also what did you mean by ‘shooting up’ is that heroin?

If so I guess I double down by telling you if you fix the chemicals you’ll get more sleep.

(Much easier said then done, I realize).

I’ve tried both don’t work

And what I mean is that I feel like a jolt of energy that won’t let me sleep

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So like a ‘shot in the arm’ metaphorically?

Like I just get a sudden amount of energy then I can’t sleep

It’s the company Minerva that has a drug in the pipeline to treat insomnia.

I have a lot of experience with insomnia and knowing this made me feel better.

I even googled ‘Valerian root’ based on a movie reference. Haha!

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Ahh I see I see1…

Vraylar caused you gambling issues? I had addiction and hypersexuality issues from Abilify. I was considering Vraylar but its not available in Canada.

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I guess any partial dopamine antagonist causes addiction and hypersexuality issues, Abilify, Rexulti and Vraylar. All other antipsychotics are full dopamine antagonists and have no such side effects.

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Makes sense.

I’m on Haldol which seems to be the best we can do.

And we took the long way bc it’s advent was approx 60 years ago!

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