I have ideas of reference that comes and goes?


Ok. I noticed that when I am really stressed and extremely tired and when my back and neck hurts. And I’ve had a hard day at work. On the TV i see coincidences. Its not on all programs, it’s on this particular program.

For instance, something that happened to me at work seemed to repeat itself on the TV program. I texted my mum if my appointment was today and she said yes. The receptionist on the tv program asked her boss if her appointment was today and he said yes.
Sounds silly, I know. But I pay attention to these coincidences and IT IS NOT NORMAL.

Why is my psychosis on and off like this. Only comes out when I am feeling tired.


i think they/ doctors and such describe this feeling due too pattern regonition.
however i think they dont know either.

life is one confusing place/state too be in…

on a side note:
yeah my back and neck hurts as well. but i do believe thats because
they are sending out frequencies, too hurt me.

i wish you all the best


my voices and parania are worse too when im tired ive had before that i thought the people o the radio where talking about me.
never the tv but the radio for some reason really makes me mental lol


i hear all the people i c on tv, even people on reality programmes but those ones will only last the length of the programme, probably bcoz i can’t remember their voices once it’s finished. but celebrities will stay with me, spot on impressions, can’t tell the difference between the sound of the voice in my head and the real voice. same with radio presenters. ones i know of will stick in my mind, ones i don’y normally listen to, only the length of the programme. so i don’t watch tv unless it’s a reality show or documentary and i no longer listen to the radio. sometimes i think it’s a shame, other times i don’t mind at all tbh. i’m so used to not watching that i don’t miss it. every once in a while i’ll watch the fbi files or something on discovery but that’s about it for me.


My therapist used to say “more stress more symptoms, less stress less symptoms.” I’ve always found this true. Delusions of reference are scary. I used to think the news caster on TV was specifically talking to me sending me messages meant specifically for me, so I would talk back to her, as if she could hear me. Then when I would listen to the radio I would think the songs had messages in them specifically for me, and that they played those songs for me to hear. My psychiatrist would say “when the TV starts talking to you it’s time to go to bed.” :beers: cheers!!


that line doesn’t work for me at all. in fact it seems the more stressed i am, the less i hear the voices. when my husband was dying they were virtually non existent and that continued for our months after his death. then 6 months of loads of voices, then again, 4 months of a few paragraphs a day. they just started getting busy again 2 weeks ago, then a quiet day today. so in my case there doesn’t seem to b any rhyme or reason for the frequency of them at all. stress defo does not play a part for me. xxx


I get ideas of reference when I’m getting too stressed out and my paranoia is kicking in, then I think all sorts of things from my house is bugged, to everyone can read my mind. It passes when I calm down and in a way sort of make myself STOP thinking about it.

Don’t think about that, let’s get toast instead. But it’s triggered by stress for me.