I Have Holiday

I am happy, I feel well, just a bit dizzy. I haven’t had my medication since the beginning of this month. I always thought to stop it, as I get rheumatic pain or Fibrio. But now without it, there is no pain.
I have 2 weeks holiday and hope not to feel dizzy for 2 weeks. I often thought to have it run out, as I take it now for 10 years and I believe I can deal with my problems. The problems I have stated here in this forum haven’t come back jet. That means that writing or talking helps.

Apart from the dizziness I feel good. The sun shines. I want to deep clean our flat. Tomorrow I go out, take photos. Got to the park. Perhaps I have some money for traveling to Paris, when my wage comes next week:crosseo:.
I have here an anti-depressant and normally take 5mg Abifily.


5mg abilify is below sub-therapeutic dose…anyways take care…!!!