I have grown

Ive learned people talk ■■■■ but are not about the shits. I dont care what people say anymore. If you really about that life you would ■■■■■■■ comw for me. But since your sorry asses havent came for mw it makes sense now you cant and your full of ■■■■. No longer will i let you entrap my mind nor my actions. You aint about that life. You keep comming for me but god has me. Look your only making ne stronger and better. I wont break because i promised my girl i wouldnt. She is up in the sky because she lost that battle to yall bullies. Not breaking baby im here to stay.


Turn up
Ur on one

Just a seed once, sprouting banches

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i like the motivation… hit them up

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Excellent post. I want to have the attitude you have.■■■■ all the ■■■■■■■■.


Protection from all evil

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I ask for protection and healing and discernment. I ask for guidance mercy and love. I ask for forgiveness and your will to be done. Though i walk through the valley of death i fear no evil for you are with me.

Everything that you had in mind for me devil god lifted me high and raised my foot so that my heel smashed your head. Now you are no more. Every evil plan you had for my family devil god lifted me high raised my foot and placed my heel upon your head. Therefore you are no more. He lifted my decaying body from that mat in which i layed lamenting unable to walk and told me get up take your matt and go you are healed. And yet i did. Your wicked ways are not match for him. He speaketh to me early in the morning and started me on my way put food on my table started me on my way he is wonderful.

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Ha ha to funny zeno. I love the mummy great movie. But do remember faith lives mummys dont lol. Faith is practiced everyday. Mummies They were sometimes tortured with their organs removed while dead or alive through their mouth or nostrils given the situation. I would hate to have been mumified for being evil to someone.

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Thats a hell of a way for karma to get you.

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