I have gained weight in this winter

I have not been able to ride my bicycle so much as I would have wanted. And so I have gained some weight. We have a lot of snow. Do not know when it starts melting. Typically the auto owners change their winter tires to summer tires on April 8th, but I do not know if this is possible in this year. I am just a little depressed. Got some Multi Vitamin today.


Can you get a exercise bike for indoor use for when it’s to slippery out?

Wishing you many happy bike rides.

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I won’t get an exercise bike. I am waiting that the bicycle paths melt.


I’m with you. I lost weight all through last year and then about ten pounds came back over the cold months. I walked as much as I could, but it’s just tough to get out and exercise at this time of year. Our current condo is too small for me to purchase a treadmill, which would have helped. The indoor walking tracks and gyms were closed thanks to COVID restrictions. I think many of us gained over the cold months.

Are there any places you are looking forward to biking once it melts outside? :slight_smile:

I typically ride in all places of my little town. From one side to another it is about 6 km, then of course shorter trips. If I ride to the graveyard where my father is buried, this is appx 12 km.

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I’m glad the cold won’t last much longer so you can get back out there and start riding your bike again.

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