I have faith that my diet will work!

Starting next month I’m gonna start eating three sandwiches a day. I hope to lose this last 50 pounds by next year.

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Thats it? What about breakfast?

Sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner

What type of sandwich?

Egg and veggie sandwich for breakfast, half of a Subway Buffalo chicken sandwich for lunch and the other half of the Subway Buffalo chicken sandwich for dinner

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All the best! I hope you reach your goal.

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50lb is a lot to lose in a year but its possible.

Yeah it might take longer to lose that much weight

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I mean if you exercise you will lose weight faster with the diet. Myself I can’t exercise though unless I reduce my AP dose which I avoid as I get positive symptoms.

I don’t want to exercise but I will walk to Subway which is a 20 minute walk

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It sounds like you will get good protein in your diet, but if you operate at too much of a calorie deficit your body will burn the protein for energy rather than using the protein to repair muscle tissue and other places that can deteriorate. You might get yourself into a situation where you get diminishing returns on weight loss if you operate at too great a calorie deficit. Or, you might continue to lose weight, but it will be muscle tissue you lose instead of body fat. Do what works best for you, but be careful.

Good luck with your diet! You will surely lose weight if you stick to it.

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The problem is I can’t afford to eat enough calories because I only get SSI but I don’t get the full amount because I don’t pay rent so I can pretty much just afford only sandwiches from the Co-op and Subway. I don’t have a car to get to the grocery store.

Try to find extra lean meat here and there. There is likely to be at least a few scraps at the Co-op. Be extra nice. Help with the cleaning. That should help your cause.

You’ll get really sick of those foods so it’s probably not sustainable. But I wish you the best of luck!

The only problem with that diet is the consumption of too much bread.
Also like @ZmaGal said you may get tired of that quickly.

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I have this no restricted eating method, it’s good.

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