I have every common mental illness

from psychosis to depression to at least 3 different anxiety disorders to substance abuse

i have it all

anyone else have it all???

without medications id be dead

Unless you’re addicted, stopping substance abuse is under your control. But speaking for myself, it took me until my life was wrecked and unmanageable before I got the motivation to quit drinking and drugging.


Yeah, a few of them, six currently. But it doesn’t make sense to be diagnosed with schizoaffective, bipolar, and depression at once.

Uh, well, yes and no. It’s a blind-men-with-the-elephant deal sometimes, especially for bipolars (which I am). Psychotic, hysteric, bipolar mania could easily be mistaken for schizoaffective disorder, especially by less sophisticated, ER docs. But 99% of the people who show up at the ER or psych clinic who have bipolar show up depressed, not manic… and many of them are mis-dx’d with depression, handed an Rx for an anti-D, and sent on their way. WRONG!!!

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Mental illness has quite a spectrum range

I have depression, schizophrenia and addiction and anxiety.

I take an antidepressant, and antipsychotic and have been staying away from alcohol for going on two years or so.

Both my medications help with anxiety I used to take ativan everyday for a couple of years.

I still need like 13 hours or more of sleep somtimes to feel ok.

Yes I have quite a few too.

I’m worried that my physical health will be next.

Officially i just have a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.

i can also very much identify with anxiety, social anxiety, depression, complex PTSD, & addiction/alcoholism/dual diagnosis (13 years clean/sober)

i can also identify to a degree with aspects of bi-polar, Asperger spectrum, & certain PD ranges.

i think that psychiatry is a very inexact science & that our experiences often do cover a wide range of symptomatology.

i just take a low dose of one neuroleptic medication.

Officially only paranoid PD but stated other symptoms than paranoia include anxiety(definite general and social) mood swings, depression , delusions(in the past) , cognitive difficulties NB organising and planning, difficulties with perception. Also may have non verbal learning disorder/dyspraxia.
I’m on Risperdal Consta 25 mgs

I also have experienced various mental illnesses in my life - anxiety attacks, agoraphobia, social phobia, other various phobias, depression and now schizophrenia as well. Also self-injury.

I have OCD and depression.

My disorder/illness is too complex to be labeled accurately - it involves bipolar, anxiety, OCD, and some SZ symptoms - but probably not enough SZ symptoms to diagnose me with schizoaffective.

My last psychiatrist told me something very interesting, she said the rarely does bipolar disorder present itself as pure or classic - she told me that I most likely have bipolar disorder with some “schiz” ( she used this term) mixed into the bipolar presentation.
I have the mixed variety of bipolar - this is a very different complex form of bipolar disorder - with ultradian cycling ( very rapid) shifts in mood - quickly alternating back and forth between depression and manic episodes.

There is a lot of overlap between these mental illnesses - complex forms of bipolar are not so uncommon

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There are certain commonalities - But things do seem individual & complex - everyone also is a unique individual with unique life circumstances & experiences. i don’t think there are these monolithic conditions/states that psychiatry describes - there are simply general/loose ranges of symptomatology/experience.

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