I have done nothing today

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I have taken my dog for a walk. I also helped put some trim items up on my dads new shed. Other than that I have not done much of anything productive either.

I’m unproductive 95% of the time. I took my dog outside so he could take a dump this morning. That’s usually the most productive thing I do most days.

A lot of times I do nothing on my days off. A lot of times I have lunch or dinner with my friends. I go out for coffee. It’s okay to sometimes do absolutely nothing!! If you do nothing on a Monday. And then climb Mount Everest the next…then your being a human! If you do nothing and never really do more than that …then your being human! Good luck!!

I crave just smoking cigarettes ! Hell yes :raised_hands: nothing is great!

I just wish I felt like doing things. I guess I don’t mind not doing anything. Cause it sure beats the hell out of paranoia or panic attacks. Does anyone get an attack where suddenly they are paranoid?

Why is my post flagged?

Probably because of the references to drinking numerous alcohols today. That would be my guess. I didn’t flag you personally as you said that you were trying to quit today and this was a setback…so it seemed recovery oriented to me.

Oh okay. Yeah. It’s just me saying I’m having a bad day

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Yeah, I see nothing wrong with your post, either. You said you are trying to quit drinking, but had a setback. Happens to all of us. Good luck with your recovery, @Edparry

Yeah, I have done something close to nothing today too. I got work tomorrow though, although I’m not in great shape for it. But I’ll just have to get through it. Don’t want to lose the job.

I’ve been lazing about.

Bought a kettle.

And some DIY tool for the gas meter.

Nothing really.

Need to study tonight.

Sorry things been shitty for you.

What are you studying for?

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My job. So much stuff to remember

And order in which to do things.

When I’m under stress, which I feel at the work, I easily blank out, so I need to learn the stuff at home, that others just easily remember

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I feel bad for you. Sz and drinking is a bad combo. And not working, even at a hobby, can make you feel so bad! It’s easier to do the right thing. I didn’t do much today but I didn’t drink, which is my number 1 rule. I don’t know why your post was hidden, you were asking for help, right? Alcohol and drug abuse are common among mentally ill. Get some time behind you and you’ll feel better.

I’m at work and I’ve managed to do almost nothing all day. I’m a friggen genius.

Yeah. I’m trying to quit. Had another little setback this morning. I keep getting these little 4oz bottles. But yeah, drinking leads to nothing but trouble for me. It’s just hard to stop because I am so bored all of the time. Some days it’s the only thing I do to feel good. But then I just wake up feeling shitty.