I have dissociative identity disorder as well as SZ this is too much

Go away Jamie

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do the smell something feel something name 3 real things in the room and uhh sing a song… there are others who suffer in similar ways. but.the rest seem rather shy…

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I now feel very tired
And lack confidence
I will return to this state
I just focus on the breeze and the gray sky
NO!! I don’t want this!
It’s walking with their little basketball little do they know.

The sun is coming back
The love is here
There is peace is
No!! NO!!! I am not PEACE!
I am superiority

There is no purpose.
The room is dirty.
The walls are dirty.
They’re is litter every where
Flame, I like your name
What I know about you is your name
Jamie was just here
Not w
Jamie is here p

i knew it… theres like 8 of us… im sorry your going through this crap it does suck beyond what i can put into words…

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She says she likes my love. Likes my smile
I cross my legs because that’s what IIIIIII want
■■■■ you, pedestrian
That’s all you merely are
An incarnate.
You are ■■■■
I am God
I’ll sing in your face
I’ll walk through your grass, in your face.
I’m tired of Katie p
She’s too infatuated with her self,
She’s boring

There is no desire in me,
I am satisfaction, I am satisfactory yet beyond
I’m tired of Hamilton
He flaunts, although subtly

I have no needs for these petty things
I exist p.
I am present p.
I am all that is. All that ever will, be
I am Jamie.
I am Robert.
I am switching
My need to vomit
Is overthrown by the power of the sun
I don’t like me now
I’m turning up the music
Sweet dreams are made of me
Who are they to disagree!
Everybody’s staring at me
Summer doesn’t want you
Someone wants to be you.
I am ownage
I inhale desire
Exhale fire
Who am I
. To disagree .
Everybody’s looking for something
And I am it.

Maybe I’m wasting my life and should die
Death is so beautiful
The ultimate feeling
I love to feel
I don’t care
I don’t care if it’s pure darkness of Jamie
Or Katie’s love
I just want to feel

I want to live
And breathe
I’m tired of the autonomic state

I like to say i might be wrong but I am better than you… build the flames high for the night is dark and full of terrors…

No. You are of benefit to me.
Of which medicines are you prescribed in conjunction with the diagnosis schizophrenia as well as the diagnoses by the medicinal practitioners

Every time I try to sing it goes to s scary song :’(