I have delusions of reality

I don’t know how to explain it.

That our bodies are not in true reality since ones perception occupies the space

You mean delusions that can pass as real in other peoples view or perception?

It’s real out here in the field. Ever had a shadow arm reaching out to you during sleep paralysis.

The remedy for sleep paralysis is dont sleep so much and especially dont sleep when you are not tired. Over sleep because depression causes sleep paralysis.

Gods natural cure for depression: physical activity

Yeah. It can eat away at you. It’s good to just not let that happen. I consider the true nature of reality only that she reveals her true nature when it is right and then you can find peace.

I’ve been through a lot, but I found faith somehow even without faith I can be brave.

I meant delusions based on real ■■■■ that is happening, like the news and stuff.

What’s a conspiracy to another conspiracy…reality. like ancient aliens. Reality turned into a conspiracy

This is exactly what my therapist and my mom say to me. I can’t explain it either.