I have decided that I will do nothing all day starting tomorrow

I will just try to while away my days.
I will quit exercising and just sit on the sofa all day and do nothing.

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You need to see a doctor.

A real doctor.

I know you don’t feel great about being medicated,

But you clearly need to be.

You’ve been all over the place today.


@anon54386108, today I exercised on indoor rower. If I quit exercising it will solve the problem.

But you enjoy the rower,

There’s no reason you should quit.

I don’t enjoy it because it makes my intrusive thoughts worse.
I prefer to be calm, and thus I need to quit exercising and just sit on the sofa and do nothing.

I’m not much on what would be considered “hippie stuff” but I what helps me is a mix of breathing techniques and stretching to music you find soothing and pace your exercise.

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