I have come to another realisation

I am still researching and thinking on it but so far…

I have PCOS which means excessive hair growth and which may or may not grow back after treatment. Including on the face, as a women that is …but I do hope the treatment will be permanent although I do not know. It is expensive treatment, I don’t know how often I would be able to pay for it again, if there is hair regrowth on my face. OR if it will even work :scream_cat:
I have also got other insecurities about other features of my body in front of certain people.

I think that the fact that this makes me feel insecure in front of certain people but not in front of other people, means that :
I am being greedy to pursue those certain kinds of relationships with those certain people types because there must be a reason why I feel ‘not good enough’, or a better way to describe it is maybe just not suitable.

It seems to be that these people types which I also happen to ‘crave’, the fact that it leads to unwholesome factors in me such as craving, means that I might be being greedy, to attempt to pursue or consider such an attempt with those certain people types in non platonic ways.


sorry to hear you got PCOS… those symptoms are scary huh, i had to look it up though. How does it come that you get that? Is it something genetic?

But i do wanna say when you posted your pic the other day on the selfies topic you look nice, i wouldn’t worry too much but i can imagine that hair growth on your face must be annoying…

Is there anything that can be done about PCOS?

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Epilation can permanently reduce hairgrowth.
And birth control pills can balance your hormones.

I don’t think lowering your standards because you don’t feel good enough will do you any good.
When a person has no standards, people pick up on that and take advantage.

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I don’t know the cause. Yea in the photo the lighting hides it well,…it is pretty serious though. But thankyou Lekker , and yea it is annoying. Like I said with certain people types I don’t mind but with other people types, I just want to look ‘perfect’ or else be chronically excessively stressed (bad, also: psychosis risk) if, hypotheticALLY, I were in a non platonic thingy with such people types, I mean.

I am getting treatment once lockdown is over and it lasts ages, but IDK if it will be permanent, although it is ‘said to be’ on some parts of the body including the face. I personally don’t think it is guranteed though.

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But I just gotta accept my circumstances, isn’t it. and that helps

Not sure if it is even about standards, but…IDK :sunny:

more research for me I guess

Maybe it is just 2 too different people types, not one being better than the other, and I just happen to crave which happens to mean greed

Also, I can throw in the word attachment although still not so sure about the entire meaning but I think that plays a role too, as a result of feeling ‘not good enough’

but then again, I think craving and attachment may, in some respects be similar

My daughter had that, research diet. She did change her diet and hasn’t been bothered with it for years.

yeah, that is what my GP said aswell but the thing is that once you shave and pluck, you can’t reverse it even with diet, unless you are lucky with treatment :sunny:

Anywaysss, sometimes some things such as this, where you desire something unknown, but are also repelled at the same time, can be temporary phases anyway

Thanks for your help @lekkerhondje and @Miika and @Michigan

I would do many things to reduce my risk of psychosis.

to reduce the chance of a higher med dose

to reduce the chance of being as zombie as i was before


because I am sensitive to the effects of medication, as far as I am aware

it has happened to me once before, and I overcame it

perhaps more than once :expressionless:

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but i overcame it every time

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I just don’t think staying away from romantic relationships because they might trigger you is the healthiest thing.
Instead you should work on reducing the severity and frequency of the triggering.

It seems to stem from self-hate, and guess what, you’re stuck with yourself for life.

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not sure if I hate myself, tbh, but I def recognise that I am not the most convenionally beautiful looking women out there, and for some WERID reason, around certain guys that triggers a serious stress response in me as if I want to either look conventionally most beautiful or otherwise forget it :upside_down_face: in front of them.
I don’t really get it, but I can’t exactly ignore the mssages that my mind sends to me.

I don’t think it will ever change, the trigger thing around certain guys

it is so difficult to explain why but it is like an emotional mixed with mental reason

it is like some people are asexual for life for example, you can’t just change that.

or people with aspergers will always have aspergers. you can’t just take it away.

maybe very off the topic examples but just trying to explain.

I just feel it would be a disaster attempting or trying to pursue those kind of guys,( who evoke that response in me, ) and I do not want to put people through that either, not just myself.