I have ciliac

It sucks… there is a lot I can’t eat without pain

What can you eat?

@roxanna anything that doesn’t have gluten or lactose…

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Oh no. So you’re going to have to make a big change in diet.

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@roxanna yeah and I don’t like it… I can’t eat out much and buffets where I don’t know the ingredients are out of the question.

I’ve tried making lactose free cheese (vegan cheese) but it tastes awful store bought vegan cheese tastes good but is pricey and then I have to make sure it don’t have wheat in it so for the past few weeks I’ve went without and even tried a few things… nutritional yeast flakes tastes awful (many people say it tastes a lot like cheese and they don’t have taste buds if you ask me.

gluten is a little easier since my mom has been teaching me about that for about a year and a half because of my stepdad… I have about a year’s supply of gluten free noodles thanks to Amazon and my mom teaching me

As for group therapy I go once every other week and they said they are gonna make sure they had food and “milk” I can have so I don’t get sick… they’ve seen me before after I’ve had gluten

■■■■. I hope it gets easier. Hugs

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It’ll be easy to keep the weight off with a diet like that,

So there’s an upside.

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I’m sorry. That really sucks. Do you have foods that are like a treat to you that you can eat without pain? Maybe sometimes treat yourself to offset your troubles.


Stomach problems are common to us szs. I’m fussy, enough to drive my provider crazy if I’m not careful to be considerate.

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@roxanna I hope so too… so far I’ve been good for about a week

@anon54386108 that’s true… only thing is it’s hard to keep to it… kinda have to

@CoCo I do like sugar free dark chocolate and I’ve wanted to try gluten free doughnuts for a while now… still kinda hard to find

@pretzel I didn’t know it was common… I have to cook myself something and warm up something for my fiance (he’s a picky eater) (I do most of the cooking and cleaning but at the same time I do stay home a lot since I have disability so it’s only fair)


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