I have burned in hell 10billion eternities

I have burned in hell 10 billion eternities. And will be going to heaven forever. I died in the last world, and was sent to this one until I return to the world where I saved everybody.

A little confusing. But that’s good that you saved everybody. But it sounds like you are a little delusional.

No one in this world is real. You are a Slave to the devil. Satan is your master.

No he’s not. Bigfoot killed Satan 2 1/2 years ago.

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Slave to the devil? Satan is my master?
satan don’t sign my paycheck. (Notice the little “s” on satan?) hehehe

People always tell me that I should get off my meds and let Jesus do the rest when I start sounding like that.

Meds help a lot of people. One of the biggest causes of relapse is going off meds. If Jesus could cure schizophrenia we would all have been cured long ago.

Yes jeff, he is the god of the world.