I have been wanting a job lately

I have been wanting a job lately. But I can’t handle one. I am too depressed, and I hear voices. Is anybody the same way. The reason why I want a job….is because I don’t have enough to do. Whoever has a job on this site……how do you handle it?


I had a full time job when I was on 80mg Latuda, also on Abilify. I can’t work now on 6mg risperidone too tired, too much negative symptoms from meds


What was your job like?


The one on Abilify was in a video games studio I tested stability and bugs in games wrote reports. On Latuda I worked for a year in accounting at an accounting office.


I had to wakeup at 5am to go to work. I had several jobs on Abilify as I was on it for 8yrs


Medications, supplements, techniques learned in therapy, and sheer force of will.


Same but after 11 jobs in 2 years I know for a fact I can’t handle one


Heavily weighted to that area lol :laughing: everyday is a choice


There is no choice, there is only glory.

Prepare for glory!



I dont have a proper job but i try and make up for it by doing helpful things, good deeds that help others, its a life long commitment, i am glad i am able to function enough to do that and i get a lot out of it.


I can understand how you feel.

Are there certain jobs that you like the idea of? It might be possible to slowly learn and do parts of them – in moments where you feel like you want something to do, and are feeling up for it. You can ask people who support you to help you too, if they’re available.

For example, if someone likes the idea of opening a restaurant, but is also similarly struggling with many difficult things, it might be fulfilling for them just to learn a new recipe to cook, or help to cook one of their favourite recipes. They can ask people in their support circles to help them.

In one of my older roles, from a while back – making videos for work – I was making my own videos at my own pace, in the years before I did it for work.


Hi Jake,

Struggling with depression and voices must feel like hell…
I do have a job, but only because my symptoms have subsided. Abilify + Prozac combo does the trick for me.

What is it you’re good at?
What is it you like to do?

It can begin as a hobby, in fact it is desirable to be so. Once you settle into a comfortable pace - say, 2 hours a day minimum - you can start looking for ways to monetize the skill.

Just some random ideas:

  • copywriting
  • online content writing / curating
  • UI designer / illustrator
  • accountant
  • independent art appraiser
  • fitness coach
  • landscaper
  • pizza / newspaper delivery
  • composer / sound technician
  • vet assistant / nurse

I’ve just started working at the bookstore. First week just passed.
But I fear soo much they will fire me…
My positive symptoms are not horrible, I rarely have them, but some cognitive things are bad.
As memory and concentration.
Overall managing stress levels and having a breaks is good. Also I love the environment of bookstore (I like reading) so I feel comfortable here. So loving your job is very important for everyone, but for people with SZ it’s also import to not tire out and feel comfortable.


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