I have been somewhere else

I have not been here for a week, I was somewhere else, any way it was nice to wake up in this morning, it is soon 7 am, just drinking coffee and browsing on the net, slept well last night, I hope you are doing ok …


Hi mj…today is our biggest festivals dashain …wish me luck man…!!!


I wish you luck, I do not know much about the Hindi religion, what are you celebrating? I could browse it, but you can tell it too … ?

I thought it was a Hindi festival, but it was only in Nepal … right? I learned something new again … ‘It is the longest and most anticipated festival in Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and North Indian hills.’

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Do you do kiteflying …? ‘Flying kites have been a very important part of celebrating Dasain in the country, as it is considered to be one way of reminding God not to send rain anymore’

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Thanks mj …u collected a loads of info about dashain…happy dashain to u anyways…keep riding bycycle u are active my friend .may u live longer…

Today has been a good day. Took a few pictures, in one picture there are aronia berries, they are good for eating, making juice or maybe making some wine as we used to make a long time ago. they are very healthy. The autumn has arrived and I had to wear my wool hat today, because it was quite cold. It was nice to ride my bicycle and visit my father ‘Wine Maestro’ at the elderly care facility.


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Aronia berries are so called superberries, very healthy, I think that these berries may have also helped my father to be alive longer than many of his friends who have died already. A long time ago we picked a lot of aronia berries and stored them and we never run out of aronia berry juice or wine in the winter. They taste also quite good if you just eat them. Just wondering why bears enjoy eating so many blue berries … :smile:


You look just a tad bit happier.