I have been drugged and raped on two occasions, once by at least two men

I think that I would let nobody rape me.
Try to carry firearms with you.

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Have you ever raped anyone Erez’ ?

No I haven’t.
I don’t have erections, but I don’t think I am missing out on much frankly.

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Yes. In a support group. I was raped repeatedly as a child. I’m also aware of men who have been raped although I’ve only ever known one personally, years ago.

Nope. No interest, sorry. I figure we find them and we put a bullet in their brain pans to prevent them from doing it again. No discussion needed to fix the issue.


Have you ever spoken about why men rape between you and other men?
Have you ever thought - why are men seen as so uncontrollably sexed that it is excusable because of everyone getting that drunk something happens so often on that kind of night out?
Have you been offered roofies ever?

Pixel, you are probably in the minority of men who have never raped.
Do you realise this?

This is extremely sexist and offensive against men. Asking “why men rape” is the same as if you were to ask why black people steal. It’s a disgusting stereotype and a harmful generalization that has no basis in fact. Women can also be rapists, and men can be raped. Most men have never raped anyone


@Thanna men are plagued by intrusive thoughts.
I can say that when you have an erections you tend to get intrusive thoughts about rape.
That’s the reason they rape.
They get bad thoughts in their head.
I also sometimes get intrusive thoughts but I control my intrusive thoughts very well.
Some people are unfortunately not good at controlling bad and intrusive thoughts,
and hence such things happen.

Come on @princessKenny I bet that 99 percent of rapes are committed by men.

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It is not the same at all. Not a coherent analogy
It’s more like asking women if they do more than their share of the housework

It is a feminist post

No, 99% of REPORTED rapes may be perpetrated by a man. That doesn’t account for men who are too embarrassed to come forward, and it doesn’t account for all the wretched women who falsely accuse men of rapes that never hapoened

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No, it IS the same. You’re making a sweeping generalization that men are rapists. That’s just as discriminatory as racism or sexism against women. You’re sexist. @Rhubot I apologize for bugging you, but I can’t remember who all the moderators are and this thread is extremely sexist and offensive. Can we pleas lock this down?


@PrincessKenny I don’t get the part about men embarrassed to come forward.
I said nearly all perpetrators are men, and that certainly includes cases where the victims are male
(I didn’t say that almost all victims are female).

I’m not saying all men
My husband was inexperienced at 35 when we met and can only sometimes move a hand towards me
He doesn’t initiate and we have had the best sex of my life
Kindness is sexy

Men are taught by society that they’re to always be tough, so they are statistically less likely to report a sexual assault against them.

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That’s one big generalization right there

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Feminism is the biggest threat to gender equality.

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Well I pity people who go according to social norms but I acknowledge that you have a point.
@princessKenny there are many male rapists and you don’t need to whitewash this fact.
The lion’s share of violent crimes including rape are perpetrated by males and that’s a sad fact.

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I understand that people have a need to discuss this, but this thread is not headed in a good direction. Threads discussing rape tend to have a negative effect on people here, even though I’ve yet to see someone condone rape. It is despicable, no matter who the perpetrator is and no matter who the victim is. Let’s keep in mind that no one here approves of rape and everyone who’s participated in this thread wants the problem to end. You are free to seek support for your horrible experiences, @Thanna, but I am closing this thread before it gets completely out of hand.