I have been bullied over my appearance by people in the street and a dog that works at a cafe what can i do

I heard her muttering things under her breath saying the state of her. When she was the one to get a nose job now all of a sudden she is ok i hate the ■■■■■ and wish her all hell. I have also had people in the street laughing at me i feel so low about my appearance due to all of this and i feel like no one will ever love me.

I’m sorry you feel that way. Are you ok?

Who is “she”? 1515

Some girl at the cafe

I wouldn’t waste my time worrying about some girl at the cafe. She’s of no consequence to your life. Just let it go and move on.

Im angry because she gets it all. I have nothing and i feel as if no one is going to want me.

No one’s life is perfect no matter how happy they seem

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You need to speak with your pdoc. You’re hearing things or imagining them. This is very common with sz and I can guarantee you that all the people on the street aren’t even thinking of you.

Unless you’re calling attention to yourself by saying things to them or yelling, talking to yourself about this.

No offense but I doubt anyone is making fun of you. I mean, even if you were homeless it would be weird that people are laughing at and making fun of a homeless person. Maybe just try to relax and take care of your self.

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I guess so sometimes traumatic memories bring my feelings on