I have been a terrible person I know I'm only human but still I just want to announce it

Made big mistakes

Some of which I still don’t fully understand the seriousness of yet but I know they’re not good. So I would not repeat them.

I’m trying to be a better person very hard now

The binge eating is one that I have been struggling with but let’s see how that goes.

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I’m sorry Mae. We all make mistakes. I hope that you did not do anything that will get you into trouble. Binge eating is a mistake you can fix.

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Thanks for the support Bowens

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Sometimes it’s not easy to move on from the past.

Because it is so haunting.

How to move on?

When I get thoughts about the past.

I’m sure there is a way maybe.

Hmm. . .

Perhaps, (Now I’m No Expert), But!, Maybe Accept The Mistakes And Promise Yourself A Promise.

Not To Make The Same Mistakes Again.

In Doing So, You Can Wander Onto More Important Things.


That’s pretty good advice Sleystic.

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Hmm?. . .

Thank You For The Support. I’ll Be Raising Money For The Charity In Hoping For The Best In Other’s On Sunday. The Day Of Eternal Rest. Maybe We All Can Chip In And See Some Amazing New Goals.

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Hmm. . .

No Offense @Mae, But!, You Seem To Me Like A Unique, Artistically, Good Person.

I Hate To Think You Carry Meaningless Weight Around To Please Absolutely Nothing.

I Don’t Know Anything About You That You Haven’t Shared.

But!, You Don’t Have To Be So Hard On Yourself.

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That helps, yea. Thankyou so much :slight_smile:

The difficult part is when past mistakes have an effect on the present and I am reminded and feel negative sorts of feelings. Such as sadness. And also Fear. In particular.

I’m not expecting you to necessarily lol have all the answers, @Slystic, but I was just wondering if anyone can relate and how they go about with that.

I know this is a bit ambiguous I don’t like oversharing.

If it weren’t for worries about the outside environment I would not be as hard on myself.

I guess I have to try to focus on the positives from the past issues, ie perhaps that was the only way to make me a different person. It just makes me feel better, you know, to have learnt even though it was the hard way, I got to really really learn somethings.

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Hmm. . .

Well, @Mae, Give Yourself Some Time To Think, Rethink, Analyze, And Ponder On Your Troubles.

Rushing Will Get You Bouncing Off The Walls Endlessly.

I’ve Been There. Not Only Is It Terribly Tiring, But!, Useless.

Nothing To Learn Or Gain From Going A Million Miles An Hour.

Not Saying That’s What You Do Exactly.

Jus Sayin.

So Slow Down, And Gather What You Need When The Time Is Right.

Yea I’m not suggesting everyone should now go and jump into lots of mistakes now to ‘really really’ learn somethings :// because these pasts have led me to have certain limitations

But since certain things have happened, in my unique life unfoldings, I just got to find a way to accept the past.

But yea perhaps I must do some more pondering on that.

Thanks Sleystic

Hmm. . .

I Find Thus Funny.

So Funny, That What You See Here, Is Me Quoting You.

Jus So I Can Read It Again.

And Again, And Again, And Again, And Again.

It’s Jus That Good!.

N e Hoo. . .

Good Luck!.

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Okay thankyou, take care :smiley:

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