I have another voice

to add to my 36 voices, I founs a new one while going to church. She is a seven year old that looks like my profile picture and her name is Sachiko. She is pretty violent, and she plants those thoughts in my mind, but normally she tries not to hurt me. Anyway… just wanted to update my status XD

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hope shes a peaceful kind one for you tcx

A church attendee? I didn’t know that.

Last time i went it was very uncomfortable for me, i squirmed the entire time really, perhaps one could call it writhing though.

But then we all went to eat afterward, it was good although they ran out of rocky mountain oysters which we were going to try just to do something different.

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hello my friend ur post cought my attention, i have voice in my head too and at the beginning it was telling me to hurt my self and scared me on many occasions. but over the years it has transformed from me being in a constant state of fear and anguish and anger until i reached out for spiritual prayers and came to point of needing solutions beyond meds, first came my current partner that made me feel secure in my life as a schizophrenic with positive feed back with no harmful reactions to the voice which made me feel good and then later discovered coping skills like personalized sign language, i am surely not trying to take the significant impact and bring a salute simple resolve but rather hopeful to ur situation and may i express surely u know the strategy in ur self that can be a help for working with what can be this empowering outcome as if u haven’t yet, u can embrace and learn from each voice u encounter with taking it slow working one by one to reduce psychological and emotion damage if left un treated. my prayer are for u with love and support i sure hope to hear from you. thank u for sharing. from jahd