I have an issue with wanting to keep people safe

For a while now. I feel this strong need to protect others. But I know that is unreasonable and that I can’t just keep everyone from making dumb decisions and learning from their own mistakes. Because really people only learn that way,people do not listen to others because they assume things will be different for them always. Anyways it caused some issues between me and friends when I was younger because when theyd get into drugs and alcohol and whatnot I would panic and lecture them basically. So I learned from that and now I check myself and just try to be there for people when they eventually fall. Because that’s really all you can do. I don’t even know why I feel this way to begin with. Even for total strangers. I just want to take care of everyone and keep everyone safe and I can’t do that and it’s crazy to even want to do that. Sorry for rambling.


I understand that. I was like that with an old best friend. I just wanted her to be happy and safe. She had gotten herself into a bad situation and I tried to help her get out of it. I think it comes across as judging sometimes though. So it’s good you’re focusing on not doing it anymore

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