I have an interview Monday


Don’t feel dumb! There are more jobs and every letdown still contains a valuable lesson for those who are open to learning. Keep doing what you’re doing.



I applied for a peer support job too but I have applied for those before. I never get them. You have to be sick to do that so it seems like it would be easy. I don’t know.


Good luck to you and I agree with everyone perhaps look for something low stress.


@MrSquirrel You’re right! I believe in myself and believe I can do the job. Yet, even if I don’t get it I’ve already gained by redoing my resume, applying and getting the interview. Thanks!

@TomCat I never applied for peer support before but I know you have to have gone through mental health recovery and need to make it look attractive to peers. I took a couple of certification classes for the position and passed. Classes start up again in January and are online so I will be taking more at my own pace in my own free time.


Thank you!! I will try to keep the stress level low.


Yes. I don’t have the certification but I definitely have a mental illness but this is through the VA. They probably are more interested in hiring someone with PTSD than schizophrenia. My doc says I have both but the schizophrenia is what bothers me.

I think I would just be normal without it.


I have Ptsd from trauma, ect. Thank you for your service. I have schizo effective that got pretty bad. I haven’t applied for peer specialist yet.


My interview went very well and was easier than I expected. I will know in one to three days if I get a position.