I have an interview Monday


I will be interviewing for a consumer services representative position Monday morning. If hired, I will be handling inbound and outbound calls to collect on delinquent student loans. The position pays well and offers monthly bonuses. They already know I’m disabled as I had to say in the online application and they called me anyway!

I want to be self sufficient and put my skills to use again. I am volunteering right now and I have completed some college credit courses after not attending college for over a decade. I have schizoeffective disorder which is under control after having gone through many traumatic events and three hospitalizations since 2006.

What really makes me perturbed is the fact that some friends and family have said not to go back to work saying I’ll lose my health care and the rent will go up or I’ll even have to move if I make more than my subsidized housing allows. I am not listening to them. I am happy to be doing well and I am anticipating having a career and taking care of myself by working full time.

Having to pay for healthcare is the last thing on my mind. As long as I’m doing well now after being disabled for over ten years, I am going to do everything in my power to better my life. I want to put my life back together. I’m so excited about this interview and I hope I get the job!

Has anyone else dealt with friends and family giving negative advise, what did you say? Has anyone gone back into their careers after having been on disability for years? What was that like for you, how did it go, how did it make you feel?


Best of luck with the interview :sunny:


Hope all goes well !!!


I am so proud of you!!! I don’t have the guts to do what you are doing. I’m too afraid that I will fail and then, lose all my benefits for trying. Good for you for having the courage to try!:grinning:


Good for you and wish you the best with it all. I think it’s like most things…keep your stress low and you’ll be fine! Good luck!


Best wishes with the interview! I hope you get the job and get your life on track. Don’t listen to the negative people in your life. You can do it.


I think it’s great that you’re interviewing for jobs. Remember that the interview is not just the prospective employer interviewing you, but also you having the opportunity to ask the prospective employer about the job and what they are looking for.

Collecting on delinquent loans could be a pretty stressful job. Try to find out more about the actual job duties during the interview.


Are you in the US?

If you are you can keep Medicare for up to 7 years I believe but you have to keep paying the premiums.

I am contemplating going back to work too.

Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


I have a friend who couldn’t work for 10 years and is now working part time. She calls in sick a lot though but she’s been lucky because they haven’t fired her yet for it. Working full time isn’t for her yet, but it could be with time. She works around 24 hours per week. She’s supposed to work 40 but she leaves early every day and calls in a lot. Somehow she still has a job so she must be indispensable


Thank you, I definitely will find out from the interview and their website. I have extensive customer service experience handling inbound and outbound calls from previous emplyment. One of the best ways for me to keep stress in check is to have a regular work schedule which sticks to the same hours whether days or nights. I know my limits and if the company can’t accommodate this then it won’t be a good fit. Hopefully they will though.


Yes I am in the US. Thanks that’s good to know. You should go for it. I chose to apply with this company not only because I have experience but it offers great pay and a good benefits package. Also they were voted as top ten best companies to work for, for three years in a row, as a new company.


Thank you very much


With SSDI you get 9 months of trial work period and still get your benefits. I have used all of those up.

After that you go into the extended period of eligibility for 36 months. If you make less than SGA you still get your benefits. If you make more you don’t. Well you get them the first 3 months regardless. You have to report your income every month.

So if you find out you can’t handle it or lose your job you have a buffer.

I worked when I was more unstable than I am now. I refused to believe I was sick for years so you can be pretty disabled and work. I am living proof but I couldn’t hold a job very long and I was in and out of hospitals.

But now I need a lot of sleep. That’s the only thing that concerns me. I think it’s all the meds but I have to have them.


Hope all goes well @princess_warrior.


I knew about the nine months trial, and I also heard they take $1 out of your SSD for every $2 you make over $1750 a month after that. I didn’t know about the 36 months; maybe that is what the $1 out of every $2 is about. Some people I know are telling me it is not worth it to go back to work but I am bored and skilled and in poverty.

If I can’t handle it I’ll ask for part time and get a doctor’s note. I worked once before for two months while disabled and I had to go on leave; they couldn’t fire me since I had a medical reason to be on leave. Something traumatic happened and it triggered some symptoms of anxiety, etc. I’m going to give this a try if I get hired and see how it goes.

I have exhaustion at times but I sleep better than I used to. I take magnesium and melatonin at night. I go to bed about eight or nine every night. I find exercise helps me also. Taking a green energy powder provides nutrients and a little boost. I’m still on clonazepam and that makes me very tired so I take it at night. It’s a 24 hour med and supposed to still be effective during the day. I’m also on Invega but I take that at night too because I would be very drowsy otherwise.


I hadn’t heard the formula for how they withhold your benefits before.

I am trying to get a federal job. Good job security and hard to get fired.

I expect to gross about $4000 a month before taxes if I take the federal job I last interviewed for but it is temporary. Only lasts a year or two. With the government shut down I am probably not going to hear back real soon.

Good luck with your interview. Let us know how it goes.

Hopefully we both get the jobs.


The next job I will be applying for is a federal job working with peers. The psych center has to get approval to open the position. Not sure it will happen now either considering the shutdown. It would not be as much as yours but starts at $35,000 a year and an awesome benefits package. I think I’d be set for life in that position.

Thanks, I will let you know. I hope you get your job!


I learned not to say anything as they weren’t looking to hear my side of the argument. Still have a couple who think I shouldn’t have left the managed living and that’s a quarter century later after having had some successful careers.

Good on you for doing this, wishing you much success.



Depends on cost of living ie what city and stuff.



I think I’m done saying anything at all anymore. If I don’t get the job I’ll feel dumb enough anyway. The way I see it is if I don’t at least I tried.