I have an appointment for a CT Angio of Some of my Brain

I don’t KNOW if I should GO!


I have read journals that the contrast dye used that is injected into the blood can sometimes cause damage and even remain in the body!

It is very scary to me.

I’m thinking maybe this scary dye will even make me psychotic.

I’m thinking maybe it can contribute to alzheimers.

I’m thinking, maybe my kidneys delicate nephron work will be damaged

But if I GO

then although it doesn’t show all blood vessels, it may show me abnormalities with my blood vessels.

I’d like to know because it is for a peace of mind to know, as well as for the sake of helping to motivate me to end binge eating once and for all.

What should I do, should I get the CT angio or not? And why?

Besides the sz/psychosis are there other reasons for what is an invasive procedure?

I’ve only been knocked out once before and it’s wise not to do that a lot. I’m not sure of this procedure but I’d weigh up what you get out of it for sure.

I’ve been down a lot of rabbit holes in my time and yet to find a rabbit so to speak.

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BTW it is to check why I have pulsatile tinnitus.

Which could be due to aneurysm or blood vessel narrowing.

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It is basically injecting a contrast dye into my blood so that they can see some of my blood vessels health.

It is not as invasive as the one where they insert a catheter into my thigh with a camera at the end… I have never done that.

I’m just so worried about the risks of this contrast dye. They are serious risks.

Idk if I should do it but I’m really tempted to find answers

Ahh Ok. Worth a shot. Still. If they knock you out it’s serious business. I think if it worries you go ahead with it. It’ll open or close doors and your young enough it shouldn’t be an issue!

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Thanks Rogueone!! I appreciate your support!

Btw they don’t knock me out.

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Omg. I’m so out of the loop but that is cool! I’d do it!

My bad. I remember one of my little brothers had a radioactive dye and my mother was running around as he was a toddler mopping up radioactive pee!

Ahh The memories.

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