I have a whole new family

So I’ve told a couple people here that my mom found out who her real father was through ancestry DNA. She found out what her real last name is. It’s a very Italian name. “venter***”. So she goes to this Jewish deli in town and they have a sandwich called “the venter***”. It’s our favorite sandwich. Chicken cutlet, mozzarella, red peppers and prosciutto.

So she explains to the person who’s working there that she recently found out that her real maiden name is venter****. They say “our owner is named venter***”. So they introduce the owner to my mom and turns out the owner is my second cousin. He’s 37 years old and he’s my second cousin. He lives in New York but works here in Connecticut. So it’s a really small world. So many damn coincidences here.

I’m telling my mom she should write a book about it all. We’re going to have dinner with our new family sometime in the future maybe.


That’s a cool story !


That’s great @Jonnybegood good luck with your family

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Far out!

I’m still trying to trace my lineage, especially on my Father’s side.


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