I have a weird relationship with my family

I’ve never even hugged my mum or dad or bro my whole life and to be honest I’d never want to. We’re very close though. I do realise that I struggle with all my relationships and how I express myself to everyone. Some days it bothers me but most days it’s just normal.

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I hug my wife and kids every single day. And my 79 year old Mom! It would feel weird to me if I didn’t.

sometimes I can sense the sarcasm behind your posts

No! I wasn’t being sarcastic at all. I think hugging is cool and important in order for a family to bond properly.

I don’t know. I think i need to de-bond myself from mine sometimes they drive me nuts. Oh wait lol

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Do your parent’s hug a lot? Maybe it’s just how you were raised and has nothing to do with MI.

My girlfriend’s parents were born in India, she was born in the UK and immigrated over when she came to school here. She’s also not very huggie, neither is her brother or her parents.

I come from a large Mexican/ Latin family and we’re a huggie people… I think it might overwhelm her a bit. All 20 of us… being huggie.


Never seen them hug around me. I wasn’t even allowed to watch soaps when I was younger because it showed people kissing lol

typical of Indian/Hindu/Brahmanic culture…showing of love is a sin in hinduism.

anyway…so u moving out or not?

It’s not as easy or as cheap as you think. I only make £10 an hour. That is taxed so I get even less. Plus I have to pay for my share of the house every month which is £500. So how to earth and where do I get £800 to £1000 to rent a flat?

so lets say 8pound on hand – you work 40 hours?..that is 408 = 320 pounds a week that comes to 3204 = 1280 pounds a month…you can share a 1 bedroom with someone…of course it wont be upscale…something a little medium but im sure there should be something u can get for 300 pounds ?( that is 2 sharing a 1 bhk)?

Nothing is easy @Ish but you have to do a start else its never going to happen at all

Are you kidding ? The house were renting at the moment my parents make £1800 a month. London is bloody expensive. I work 35 hours per week.

I used to hate physical contact unless I was fighting other men.

Now I love giving hugs like (who is some character that hugs everyone?) I don’t even know. I think I might be a little autistic. I went from no contact to “I have to hug everyone.”

But I’m in the south and hugging is normal, even a little rude if you don’t hug family and some friends. Young men who are close (not romantically or sexually) do a certain hand embrace and pat on the back. I don’t know what it’s called, but “bros” do it. Like my friends I workout with- we do it. It’s a respect thing, also a peace thing.

I don’t really think violating my personal space is a big deal. I mean I have been seriously injured from fighting on multiple occasions so I’m desensitized to a degree. But when I get symptom flare-ups, something about me says “stay away”.

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how much does a studio cost in London ?..not upscale but low end?

look it comes down to whether you want to grow up or not @ish …if you dont want to grow up and finally be an adult and/or take charge of your life on your hands thats your choice.

i leave it to you.


some of the things you tell me like ------ crying in front of parents etc is ridiculous tbh…even 12 year olds dont do that nowadays…i mean i understand you have MI…but you also take Meds so you should be stable enough to not behave atleast like a kid…are you ever gonna grow up or just remain a kid for freaking forever?

Lol oh great so crying which is a natural emotion means I’m acting like a child. Ok maybe I’m not physically expressive but I don’t hide my true emotions and I don’t run from them either.

If that means I’m a kid the I’ll be a kid forever

Check for yourself http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/find.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^92827&insId=2&googleAnalyticsChannel=renting

ok look i got a little worked up.

I was only trying to say that you have to take charge of your life on your own hands. We are born as Human beings and should be like one. OK your parents have given you birth but that does not mean that they own you nor you are answerable to them. Their responsibility towards you is only till you are an adult which is 16 i guess…after that you dont have to go back to your parents for anything.

Everyone has their own philosophy in the end.

If you wanna remain a kid forever then thats alright…just be what you want to be.


Yeah you’re the only one whose ever pointed out I’m a kid the rest just tell me I’m too old for my age that I need to lighten up.