I have a theory about weather

My theory is that crap weather actually saves lives.

Think about it, it’s rainy or to cold and the killer says “im not going out in this.”

The greedy person wants to go rob and hoard some more but he says “im not going out in this.”

A guy wants to go rufee another girl but he says “ill wait it out, the weather is to bad.”

Thats my theory, yet more meaninglessness spewing out of my meat.

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I can get behind this…

Seattle is the rain city. We’re pretty mellow and don’t have a lot of gun crime. Being as hopped up on coffee as we are, (home of Starbucks) you’d think we’d all be homicidal.

But no, we’re all pretty lazy. Seattle is a bit stupid with is non-confrontational, but it’s not a hard place to live.

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Home of the evil empire herself.

Starbucks disgusts me.

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Best thing about the polar vortex was that it kept people off the streets.

Understood, it is a bit like a coffee cult. You have to completely swallow the product. Really bummed they bought Teavana. I used to like that tea so much.

unless it’s a killer with a rain fetish - like - it’s raining: time. to get. busy.


that made me LOL…

I do like the very premise of the story being -oh, the weather is bleh - so - lets not do it at all.
How about, it’s Odyssey and Odysseus is like: All right, my dear argounats, or whoever you are! It is now time to go check out Sirens - or whatever the hell we do!
And argounts are like: Wha? Dude - no! - weather is crap. Can’t we just sit around getting stoned or something?
And so they did.
The end

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I had the opposite thought about music - that music is enough to get a psychopath out of bed in the morning.

Haha! Hey me too, I live in Portland…rain from fall until summer. Not much to report lol only a little bit of violence usually it is gang related and only gang members get iced so its safe to say the rain could deter criminals. I mean who wants to deal with a slippery victim…

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The night that the Beatles debuted in America in 1964 on the Ed Sullivan show, the crime rate in the U.S. that night decreased by 40%. All the criminals stayed in and watched the Beatles!

If I biuld it a twester well come!