I have a suspicion

Are conspiracy theorists secretly plotting to take over the U.S. government?


A conspiracy theory about conspiracy theorists, I like that.


They have. Nothing is sacred. Not even religion, or love. They criticize everything as if they were never a part of it. They give outside the box a bad name…

After 30 years of liberalism in the 70’s we got hippies. Then 30 years of conservatism we know have dooms day prepares. Complete opposites.

I am far from being a conspiracy theorist - But please look into Eugenics and Compulsory Sterilization. It happened not so long ago in the scheme of things, and it happened in Western countries including the USA. It targeted disabled people including the severely mentally ill, yes schizophrenics included. The government was involved - Just saying

i hope so! At least they search for the truth and try to expose it.

Right now, the real threat is freedom of speech being squashed. That’s like, the biggest threat my country has ever faced in history. So to me it’s a big deal. I think the president, or at least hope, is conducting real oversight and in a just way. But government overreach is the essential issue at stake. We’re becoming a surveillance state, and only an idiot wouldn’t mind being watched every two seconds, spying on neighbors, reporting each other. It only turns Americans against each other. One of the greatest qualities of America was our freedom of speech, our hunger for justice, our democracy, and the fact we did not have to spy on each other like in communist China or Russia. So, is it true? It does not appear to have gone too far so far. Then I go on youtube, and there ARE a lot of conspiracies out there that are hard to weed through. Like Fusion Centers, the guy admits to their existence on camera. Are these camps for real terrorists or just people expressing their 1st and 2nd amendment rights? I haven’t protested since I was about 12 or 13, when my mom took me along to protest the Iraq war. I’m probably still on some list somewhere, even though I was never a vocal member of the community.

Then we have super computers which sweep up data, and look for key phrases then follow you across the web. It’s not only for targeted consumer advertising, but spying on people’s habits and search history. …these are all real facts, not paranoid delusions. I talked to a DEA agent, or perhaps he didn’t reveal his job–other than contracting for the NSA. He was also into BDSM and tried to have sex with me like 7 times and I couldn’t do it. These are the people who are watching us, perverts who like to watch people who don’t care about or respect individual privacy.

We were talking about stuff, or his job, and I just said that it’s obvious that the internet is being probed and… I know about the phone data collection, it’s taking information through a relay server or something, that “DATA” aka speech recognition technology collects the actual content of our conversations. No, they don’t record our conversations per se, that would take too much time. They collect data, data mining everyone, and it does have a valuable purpose. Ever heard of corporate espionage?

What you just described is the MacCarthy Era. (The Red Scare) It’s quite a read.

We’re did this before. Not that it makes it right, but we’re playing the same old games again. It’s scary, and you would have thought we would have learned from that past. But no… here we are again.

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Until somethings put into practice, it is just that, a theory.
Many people think, but not many people do.

I got a bit of Doomsday Prepping going on. :laughing:

Without conspiracy forums such as GLP I would be low functioning. They teach people self reliance over there. eg, prepping , no restaurants, shop at Goodwill. Save $$$ for future doom. :new_moon_with_face: