I have a super cool Community Nurse

We meet up every 2 weeks and go out for coffee. He listens and cares. I’ve had in over 5 years and he moved areas but kept me on. We have a lot in common. We go out in his car to McDonalds for a meal and he took me to a American restaurant and brought me dinner for my birthday. I’m lucky that I’m in intellectual disability services as they are more holistic and spend more time with people. I also won’t get discharged as it’s ongoing intensive support.


That’s so good!

What did you get at the American restaurant?

That is so awesome, you are so lucky.

Ironically a full English breakfast with Root Beer.


Haha. Is Root Beer considered an American drink?

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In Britain it is.

You are lucky to have so much support. :slight_smile:

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That’s like family, that’s super great.


That’s so cool!:sunglasses:

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This is so great @bobbilly!

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