I have a soul

I didn’t know that. When people talked about soul, I didn’t understand. I had lost my soul.


I feel myself a spiritual being (my soul) far more intensely than a physical body. This body is like a heavy suit that I, my soul, is trapped inside temporarily.


Oh yes I’m the exact same way.

People talk about the soul as if it’s a possession. But in reality WE are the souls and we “have” a body!


Yes, I never understood people who identified with their bodies and questioned the presence of a soul. I can do without the body much of the time. :blush:

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You can’t lose your soul, it’s attached in the most odd way.

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Then who is a “poor lost soul”?

My medication actually seems to help my soul at times.

Just a temporary soul, out in the wrong direction.

soul and human are interchangeable in that phrase… poor lost human…but its more like human atleast the human body is temporary…and soul is infinite…so the soul is like the consciousness we have… the human part is like the bodies the consciousness use to navigate through a human life span… some say reincarnation happens after the soul and body separate… some say afterlife…some say body and mind are finitely tied and when the body goes so does the consciousness… no one knows really… but the body lives in a straight line birth-------death covering anywhere from 0-110 years… but your soul can fly to any time and place… it can make up places to visit… it can ponders on concepts that are beyond its body, beyond its habitat and beyond the stars… anyway it turns out feed your consciousness with good things and things that make you happy…