❗ I have a question?

Have you ever been suspicion about this forum ?

I used to think so many things few are :

We are all sleeper cell Members :anguished:

We are waiting to be hired for all seeing eye :eye:

We are getting trained for extraterrestrial :alien:

And many more !!!

But was able to come over with it sticking longer.

And knowing others more than my self.

I wonder what happened to those who get to leave due to suspiciousness and privacy :lock_with_ink_pen: in short span.

I am getting better either because of meds or ageing factor. And the main reason is this forum !! There is a magic to it.


Well let’s hope the magic keeps working. I don’t think I’ve had a delusion specific to the people on the forum but I’ve had delusions compatible enough tied with magical thinking. Either way I tend to forget my delusions, much like dreams, and I think it’s healthier that way. Not everything needs to be remembered and understood in depth, sometimes the memory or even understanding is part of the problem in my experience.

P.S.I think this probably technically belongs in unusual beliefs though.


I’m very paranoid that my ex, who is also schizophrenic, will one day come into this forum and recognise me.

He was very abusive in every sense of the word, and he still manages to track me down a few times a year and attempt to make contact.

I hate that members have the option to have private profiles because when someone triggers my suspicions, it helps me greatly to see on someone’s profile where they’re from, and/or their post history.

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I think you can still view the members history like this with little effort.

Would it help if I told you this:

Your ex bf is like a neural virus.

He can take over the mind of any forum member, at least for a few hours.

Has someone sent you private messages?


(Sorry if the joke is bad. The joke is never better than its teller).

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You should be careful saying things like that on a forum like this, it could trigger someone.


Maybe several times,

But I honestly believe there are no real reason to be suspicious :blush:

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True @Pikasaur let alone few hours a seed was planted :cold_sweat:

I’ve never posted a selfie because of this. I worry someone will stumble across it.

Probably irrational

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I also forgot most my delusions or don’t ever think about them. I don’t get paranoid about this site anymore. I used to be kinda afraid to talk to the women lol. I kinda blame that on invega. Invega made being around women more difficult.

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