I have a plan for if healthy self

If healthy self, I will sit all day with mathematics books and prove theorems and solve exercises and that’s it.
For diversity I may solve some chess positions and puzzles and play tennis.
I don’t need a job which is good, since AI is replacing jobs anyhow.
I don’t care where I will live, I might as well stay in Israel.
That’s it.


U are 100% right erez …try to consider taking medication…i take respridal for my psychosis .mine positive symtoms are managable …cognitive and negative symtoms are worse. My sleep is not so tight .i sallow pills for sleep…pills gives damn to cognitive and negative symtoms…i will in the future might go off medicine not now…ur loving nepali friend niraj kafle…take care…

Keep pushing forward Erez. Don’t doubt yourself. You can recover your cognition with brain games and self-monitoring of negative beliefs. Many studies point in this direction, so I guess there’s hope if you take the necessary steps.
Although, in a few years they will invent medicine for cognition too, but why wait until then?
I told you about CBT, it’s your choice if you want to try or not :slight_smile:

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Sounds good to me. Erez. Just take it easy and live in the moment for a while. Try to enjoy the moment. Dont think about the future and that it will always be like that. There may be wonderful things in the future for youi, you just dont know, there is always a chance that things will change extremely for the better. Dont loose hope, keep the hope up but dont burn yourself out. The plan you have sounds good for the moment being…this kind of life is a luxury -if you dont need to work right now and have time for hobbies and time to take it easy. When you feel like you are ready to try something new, venture from that and take figure drawing art classes maybe (yes nudes, men and women!), learn to dance with partners (boy or girl., does it matter?) to a music style that you like (my favorite is latino music like Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Bachata), try to learn anything new and do something you havent thought of. You could volunteer also if you find that interesting in a field that you woudl meet with other volunteers) How about joiing a group that prepares and gives out meals or grocieries for needy people. If you want to meet new friends or someone to be in a relationship with, you need to get out of the house of course and maybe hit the town on Firiday, Saturday nights.When I was single, I did that and I did end up meeting a lot of people. What worked for me is that i checked out the bars and then became a regular in one of the most popular bars wiith people my age. It was not so artsy and intellectual but it was also not just for working class. It was a good mix. I met a lof of people over time as I became a regular face there. I befriended the bar tenders and waitresses and so it was like a very nice social life for a single. I went there everyday and had a coffee after work and on weekends I would go there at night to drink one or two drinks. I was already had my break down then and I was on Risperdal. I had an affair with a waitress in that bar and even moved in with her for a while. Then I met my wife in a salsa dance course and moved on to better things. Thats some of the stuff you could try if you feel like you are ready or up to it. Its my opinion that life for you would be greatly improved if you have a love affair going on and eventually have a steady partner that you can share good and bad times with. This applies for any type of sexual orientation. Life become just so much more nice when you are not alone. It could also mean pain if it doesnt work out or if the partner is abusive. So if you meet the right person, then life is more easier and enjoyable for you, I guarantee you. This is the ultimate game changing thing that I hope you will experience one day soon. Take care my freind.

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