I have a lovely encounter with nurse from the hospital

I have been voluntary/involuntary hospitalised many times since 2010. its always the same small until for people with learning disabilities so I know the staff very well and I got to know them very well I haven’t been hospitalised for over 2 years. I was doing my daily walk around my home town to lose some weight and as I was walking up the main road a car stops and a women was waving at me and I notice its a staff nurse from the unit, she singles that she’s going to turn around and she does. She gets out the car very happy to see me and he hug, I was happy to see her too. She asked me how I was getting on and I tell her that I’m doing really well and haven’t been sectioned in 2 years and the new medication is brilliant for me. She told me how she’s getting on and now doesent work on the unit, she’s working with adolescents as a community nurse, she tells me when she often drives through (my home town) she keeps an eye out me. She said she really liked working with me… It was a very nice encounter… I miss the staff at the hospital…


I’m glad you got to see her. I miss my old students, and I say hi when I see them around town.

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That’s such an awesome story! So meaningful! @bobbilly


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