I have a little screamer in the house

I have a four year old who screams really loudly when she gets angry and it’s very piercing. This very badly triggers my hallucinations. I need advise about how to cope. Lately I’ve been just walking away and going into the other room instead of trying to make her stop because she knows it makes me mad and will scream louder. I don’t need anybody’s advise about the evils of having children; I’m just looking for advise on how to deal with it. I have four other kids that I’ve managed to deal with through this stage but she just pushes all my buttons.

put her on the naughty step lol

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I’ve tried that. :expressionless:

idk, your better talking to a child psychologist, my mum locked me in the kitchen next to the washing machine to calm me down.

:hushed: That’s going too far! I’m so sorry!

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i was so young, i didnt know what i was doing tbh.

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I was going to say an 84 year old man should not be stealing cookies though. [Just trying to make you laugh now.]:zipper_mouth_face:


My daughter went through a short stage of screaming. When she started to scream I would calmly say to her when you are ready to calm down and talk this through I’ll be more than happy to do that. Then I’d walk out of the room and completely ignore her. That put a stop to it really quickly


I have done that with her. She will keep screaming. She just doesn’t care.

Keep ignoring her. Eventually, she’ll realize it gets her nowhere


Yeah, it’s hard because there is literally no room in the house I can put her where I still can’t hear her, except for the basement which I don’t want to do. It’s disruptive to the others who are doing school and I get very upset and angry and my stress level goes through the roof and I start having really bad auditory hallucinations.

I’m sorry. Can your pdoc prescribe you a prn for when this happens?

Maybe I should just put headphones in and turn up the music really loud. Classical music of course.


If it works, do it! :slight_smile:


Cold shower or regular shower… read about that approach online

Well my dad used to hit us, so you’re already doing well in my book since you’re not hitting her. I don’t know what the best approach to this is. Like, does she just not know how to handle her emotions, or is there something deeper going on here?

I don’t know. She turns it on and off like a faucet when she chooses. But when she gets wound up, like really angry she just lets loose. Once she reaches the top, she just lets go. I try to stop her to the point where she doesn’t get to the Dalek stage of her anger but I can’t always. She got really angry with me over a minor thing this morning and lit up a screaming fit so loud I thought she split my ear drums.

I have a screamer/yeller. If it goes too long I give in. No, I shouldn’t but it is only sometimes. When we lived out in the country with no neighbors I put on headphones and ignored it. She would stop because she knew I was done.


Duct tape has many uses

They’ve locked people up for using that!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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