I have a killer of a low self esteem problem

I haven’t taking a shower today because I’m convinced I’m ■■■■ and I’ll be washed down the drain.

I’m sorry I find that to be a comical statement. Have no fear you wont wash away. You’re at least worth that much, but I feel you I haven’t showered in like two days.

Yeah, sorry, but it’s too funny not to notice.

Haven’t showered today either. Here’s someone who thinks it’s ok. :smile:


I take a shower typically just twice a week.

I had also this low self-esteem problem years ago, but I went over it.

Some videos that can help with low self esteem:

How to change your negative thinking:

and another good one - on how to do it:


Very informative. Thank-you, SzAdmin. I especially understood the part about it being a bully.

I borrow a wee bit of my cynicism from other areas on the net:

Chordy, who are your trying to impress?

but look how they all got strong ~ Filter

We try to belong to a world that only respects God-Like perfection at the same time cannibalization
of innocents for their own survival.

If there really is a God it may be that which contrasts you to yourself in a lesser light than others around you
to discourage you from trying so hard you become a monster as well and soil what was already right about yourself when you came in - The good caring heart that resulted in cognitive dissonance in the first place.

I personally suspect most of the others to be too selfish to be real.
Keeping myself genuine I don’t compare myself. Only continue to appreciate what I already love about me.

I used to think I tried to impress my mother until I realized I was only trying to impress myself, and failing to.

You might want review what your heart would truly want to prove to yourself.
I found mine having an agenda hosting more substance than the agendas of most around me
who are only concerned with eating to survive - This explained to me how I had become so discouraged as to fall into depression in the first place.

And beyond that I realized that all of the mental anxiety I went through made it help me understand and empathize with others more; making me more useful and apt at proceeding with my heart’s original endeavor.

The ends justify the means or so it seems

“It’s all broken, how do I fix it?”
We break
We learn to fix ourselves
We are now more educated to begin tackling our original question from the start.

You will feel so much better after a shower. Even if all you do today is change into your most comfortable clean clothes even if that is your PJ it all helps. A walk outside will help as well. Hope you feel better soon.

@chordy Do you feel a depression kind of low self esteem? What I mean by that is do you think it is a physiological issue or a personal situation issue. I still don’t know if I am explaining myself properly.

Sometimes I feel bad because my brain just decides to feel bad for no reason. Other times I feel bad because I have taken a look at my life and am not too happy with the results. Like I think about how my Mom worked so hard her entire life, should be only taking care of herself now, but because of me she still has to take care of her lame-o son.

So the first type is more just physiological clinical depression and the second is more situational.

I find the solution to the physiological is usually some kind of prescribed chemical. For the situational I try to do something comforting. It varies. Sometimes I watch a comfort movie like The Money Pit or Muppets Christmas Carol. They remind me of when my cousins all used to get together when we were younger over at my Grandmother’s house. Other times doing the dishes while listening to music makes me feel like at least I’m contributing a little. It depends on what I feel up to doing.

I think it is all about focus. We of all people know you can’t control your brain all of the time. But you can control the focus of it. Doing something to ground myself in the present moment usually helps me.

I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I wish I could say something to help, I have extremely low self-esteem myself, but I can assure you, you’re not going to wash down the drain. Sometimes with me a nice long hot shower usually makes me feel better. It’s like it washes away all the negativity and leaves me feeling fresh. I don’t take a shower every day, sitting at home every day it dries out my skin horribly

Thank you all. I think it was that I just didn’t like myself very much.

You must have a lot of anger turned inwards. Maybe if you could get to the root cause of it you could expel it.

crimby, I’m so used to pain and tension, I’m lost without it. If I’m angry, I can be angry at improvement if that makes sense.