I have a hole in me

It seems to be missin since my ex broke up with me 2 days ago…like theres a gap wanting to be filled with love, it was given freely and now it needs to heal and fill again before i feel complete…it hurts when i think about the loss, and it brings me to tears…

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Yeah, it takes time to get over a broken heart.

I know that probably sounds super lame right now, but it’s the sad truth.


Yeah hang in there. Fresh relationships are hard to deal with. You lose a piece of yourself but you never think that it may be a good thing…you never think that maybe it wasn’t meant to be and I have that opportunity to find my true soulmate. Truly. It seems so harsh now but you’ll be better because you’ve loved. Your partner should treasure you for you and not be the one to dump you…that was just someone using you. Be strong. You can do this.


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