I have a healthy relationship with food

i just eat when im hungry. my diet could be a little healthier. but i don’t snack much out of boredom. i actually struggle to eat 3 meals a day as i don’t usually have much of an appetite. and i rarely think about or obsess about foods i would like to eat, unlike a few years ago. i used to keep food journals, but don’t do that anymore either.


I also only eat when too much hungry, my weight gain is from negatives like avolition, I stay in bed all day everyday, only get up to eat.

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I’m trying to have a healthy relationship with food but I still buy hoagies, steak burritos and chips. I need to cut those out and lose some weight.

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I’m working on my relationship with food. I’m an emotional eater. Or I’ll eat when hungry but then overeat. Now I’m on a 1200 calorie diet and I’m keeping a food diary. Hopefully over time I’ll get used to eating this way

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I over eat and binge eat.

I love eating and can’t stop myself sometimes.

I have a healthy relationship with food but it’s unhealthy a little bit when I binge.

I’m vegan.

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