I have a good psych person

She is a woman and I have met her regularly for the past eight years. She is married. I think that she understands me, I always tell everything about myself to her and she was one who asked if I was interested in having a female relation in my life. I think that she is right and I must forget all my past experiences with one woman in America and try to find a new woman for myself and my life. I think now it is the right time.


I like these Yiddish songs although I do not understand Yiddish …

The problem with me is that I have not had a relationship with any woman for the past 17 years and I do not go to places where women might be and so I do not necessary meet any women, also I am soon 50 and many women at my age are married, have their own families and children, I am just this single psz 50-year old man who is also an exercise freak, I exercise a lot, I am very highly educated and traveled in the world, lived in the US 13 years and as my many stories tell I have had some very unusual experiences. I do not know how it would go.

Please tell your opinion on this matter … please …

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Somehow I think that bringing up this female relation matter made me more depressed and I started having really depressive thoughts because there is no chance in my little town that I ever find a woman for myself. Something was triggered in my mind. In addition I have also recently written under my aliases to one local paper complaining about the lack of women in my little society. 11 years ago my childhood friend tried to find a woman and he could not and he drank himself to death as I witnessed. Here is a photo of a place where we played in the early 1970s and now this place has a little park where I sit sometimes.

May I ask is she a real person? Since she is married, how is it possible to have a relationship with her?

I acknowledge that. I hope you will find your true love soon.

She is a professional psych person and our relationship has been just professional, me talking about my problems to her.

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