I have a free ticket to Gig

damn, thats really crappy, the last gig i was at i bought tickets for a gig for my mum & i for her birthday last year, i got conned :frowning: the guy i was sat next to screwed me over big time :frowning:

I hope so too. I totally understand not wanting to go alone. I wouldn’t be able to either.

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I do lots of things on my own but those big events are very hard especially for someone with Mental issue

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Yes. Too much going on.

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The lights and in the dark with loud music & people banging it to me from all angles, its like hell, if i had enough space and a decent view, good lighting & a nice drink with not much wait at the bar i would love it,

I went to a great gig like that, my radio station manager was hosting it with his hip hop crew, he was launching his new album, (his second last album i mean (its called ;Live Today’) & it was awesome, My pal was with me and we could come & go & hang near the back & go in & out nearer the front, there was plenty of room, it was the ideal situation.


Well I hope you get to enjoy the show

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I enjoyed an intimate concert/gig performed by a forgotten band called Guster at the Starland Ballroom. Only 36 bucks cost.

Their album Lost and Gone Forever is not as gloomy as you’d think. They remind people of Toad the Wet Sprocket only ‘happier’.

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Oh man :frowning:

My neighbour polled out of the gig :frowning: i am gutted, i asked another person & she said she couldnt.


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I feel really shitty about this :frowning: i cant go on my own :frowning: its impossible,

£57 it cost me,

I’m trying to get a refund :frowning: dk why i did this to myself, i feel like an Idiot.

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