I have a fire-like sensation in my chest

I wonder if it is hell.

Or heartburn?,…


Is this new? Might be a medical issue that needs investigating.


It isn’t heartburn, it is a different sort of sensation.

I have had strange somatic sensations since I have experienced psychosis before—I don’t think it’s a medical issue, but an intense feeling manifest in body. I also feel it in my arms as well.

I have also experienced somatic hallucinations such as a snake biting my heart before. Or “presences” wrapping around my back giving me chills.

I try to tell myself we all go thru these hell delusions and we all are ill so maybe just maybe it is just illness. Wishing you well :hugs:

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I guess, when you’re experiencing such strange sensations and hallucinations that can extremely uncomfortable and even terrifying, that is difficult not to perceive it as some sort of “hell.”

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I both experienced myself and met individuals who independently described the sensation of intense heat spreading from their chest. It was only framed as positive, benefitial and spiritual experience. What you describe seems to be very different.

I also experienced tactile hallucinations. Other people I met had it weirder as well. From what I gather there is always a tangible cause for the hallucination that the mind expands into supernatural experience.

For example, a headphone cord tingling me in the night I mistook for fingers touching me.

Another example, I used to feel distress and tingling, accompanied with hallucinations, that I believed were me sensing evil somewhere in the world. In reality it was poor diet that then I erroneously applied a supernatural explanation to.

I think there is always a tangible mundane cause to every tactile hallucination that is blown out of proportion by the ill mind.


That sounds scary, though I’m sure it is not hell. Wouldn’t it be wise to check with your GP doctor? Maybe there is a physical reason that need attention and/or can be easily solved?

I know that my mind/body have been disregulated since the onset of all of this. I only know that I have felt many unpleasant things during all of this.

Your soul is on fire with love… that or it’s indigestion.

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Maybe shame turns the warm fires of “love” into the fires of “hell.”

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So true,… Maybe


The fudge are you ashamed of? Let it go. Nobody is perfect.

i get tactile hallucinations of being on fire i see here feel and smell the fire when its at its worse

i also take showers where the water turns to blood like im in hell all the deceased raining down on me

i hope for your sake it goes away cause its a hard hallucination to deal with

good luck

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Yours sound more intense than mine. I don’t get visual hallucinations—mine are just strange bodily sensations that feel very unnatural.

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ya mine are intense
had it for a long time
i hope yours never gets that bad

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