I have a dare for you

My brain comes up with the weirdest s*** but I keep laughing at it so I don’t mind.

Anyway, my friend said he won’t do this dare so I am sad. Jk I keep laughing at my self and choking on hiccups. :grin::wink:

I dare you to walk into a mirror in a public place and then shout “oh sorry, I didn’t see you there!” and stroke your reflection’s shoulder.


Sup my man jess…??? What are u upto…had lunch…i am bout to sleep after and hour …

I’d have to go cloths shopping to find a mirror in public…

I’m sure you could convince someone in person, but I have a reputation to upkeep :stuck_out_tongue:

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It would have to be inside a shop, for example a clothes right? If I do it in a fitting room does it still count? Anyway I feel like I could pull this off :smile:

I double dog dare you to do the same thing !!

I could probably do that as, once, I kissed a mirror in public. Finding a public mirror is the difficult part.

I’m hanging out with my friend and we have had two lunches (we couldn’t decide between two places so we went to both!)

Have a nice sleep :slight_smile: & sweet dreams.

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Thanks jess my woman …!!!

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@JH85 @Andrey @chordy

Yes a clothes shop would be the best place.

Fitting rooms do not count, unless you try on clothes with an audience!

I have already done enough embarrassing things in public!

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