I have a craving for sushi

So Safeway sells it and it’s 5 minutes from my house so that will be dinner… I’m rewarding myself for taking a 15 minute walk today. I know that’s not very long but I’m building up. The first time I ate sushi was in 1985. i had never heard of it before but my boss opened a sushi bar in his business and someone offered me some for free. i remember that I thought that green wasabi hot sauce was guacamole and I put a big chunk on a piece of sushi. It made me cry and almost threw up.


Safeway… are you in california?

Yes, I am…

I eat the california avacado stuffed seaweed rolls when I eat chinese buffet. I always get wasabi and soy sauce on it…delicious.

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yummmmmmmmmy :yum: my fave is california roll, we have in montreal. I’m gonna try some over here next week.

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Seattle… salmon country… salmon sushi is everywhere. I love it.

I also like the eel and the dragon rolls. Spicy tuna is also a good one…

I just like sushi of all types.


OMG sushi :heart:
I ate 14 pieces yesterday :grin:

I worked in a sushi restaurant summer of 2009. It’s a large chain so whenever I go back to one of their outlets I can taste all the preparation that went into it, so I don’t enjoy it that much. Different place will be okay.

Last time I took some dessert, it was a fried slice of apple, they had fried bananas and pineapple too, was pretty succulent. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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I miss things like Safeway. I used to live near San Francisco. Are you in SoCal?

I had sushi for lunch at the school cafeteria! Very healthy when raw, cooked rolls, especially fried, not so much. I once snorted wasabi to withhold my status in my sophomore year of high school…

That sounds about right for you.

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No, I’m in the South Bay Area, near San Jose.

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Our sushi boat last night



Oh YUM. Was it as good as it looks?

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Yeah it was delicious. I dont know how many i ate.

I seriously could eat that whole thing.

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