I have a coupon for 40% off one item at CVS and don't know what to buy

True any walmart is better

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Toilet paper or paper towels are expensive must have expense.


I would buy snacks…

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I would buy a battery charger Or batteries to charge.

I looked at their website

Get $15 off, this week only!

Spend $75+, save on entire online order. Use code SAVE15 at checkout.*

So if you buy 75 worth of diapers it would only cost you 60 :open_mouth: Diapers are good for road trips

okay I got nothing LOL Did not see anything on their site that I needed

Buy metamucil, that sh!t is expensive.

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Sour gummi worms. Tooth paste and a birthday card.

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Maxi pads. :wink:


Nice pun.

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