I have a complaint

the asian lady is pointing at me , at the top of the screen.
" hey stop pointing at me lady "
" i am not pointing at you ! "
" i beg to differ beautiful lady, i think you are "
" no i am not, i am part of an ad on your laptop screen ! "
" but you are pointing in my direction , therefore your pointing at me in a non specific manner "
" you think too much dark sith "
" how did you no my name ? "
" good question…let me think…mmmmmm…"
dark sith turns on lightsaber and cuts laptop in half…" ha ha got you now ! "

disclaimer : no actual people were hurt in above senario.

thank you…
take care :alien:


I’d be a little more worried about your poor laptop. then again you can always use the force to fix them couldn’t you?

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Now it’s an African-American guy with the biggest thumb I’ve ever seen.


Save your sanity and your laptop. .

Two simple words…Add blocker!



Ah, the lightsaber has done justice, that Asian lady has been replaced with a newer, live caucasian man pointing sheepishly to his left.
That isn’t where your lightsaber is awaiting, is it @Darksith?

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Chill darky,

Whenever I read your posts I always find it hard to establish whether you are joking or you are serious… :slight_smile: That’s the beauty of your nature… :smile:
Stay calm and happy man…The lady is probably pointing on everyone…and trying to sell the stuff…The website authorities require some revenue too specially to maintain such a helpful and healthy platform for the people.


I see that bitch too man

it’s like get your own groove on

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Ha. I noticed that…it’s a perception thing…he is holding his hand closer therefore it looks huge…he does have a rather long thumb too.
It’s like those fishing pics where they make it look like the fish is titanic…you can tell they are holding the fish at arms length and their body is back from camera creating the illusion the fish is way larger than actual size…

Thumb guy

Fish illusion
(While it’s a big fish, it’s not as big as the person holding it and that’s how it looks!)

This is more realistic perspective by holding the fish close to him rather than at arms length


I once had an interactive conversation with a girl in some ad that was animated…I started asking questions and I swear she smiled and blinked and moved her head in response to my questions…she didn’t talk though…
I then experienced the delusion that it was a computer program that was spying on me and could watch me. (This was about 6 years ago) I tested this to see if it was true and after awhile I noticed a pattern, albeit complex that showed it wasn’t really watching me… whoever programmed that was good and animated it so it appeared it was communicating with you…

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I heard a funny asian joke a while ago

About how Asians are taking over our country.

Scenario :
Your sleeping in your room.

An Asian lady wakes you up saying quietly: “my best old asian lady accent”

"you excuse me. Wake up . You go home now. I buy you house when you sleeping. Ok you go now. " bye bye now. Better for yous


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there is a black guy giving the thumbs up now :+1:


Shes baaaaack !

That is just plain rude!

Here…hold this in front of the screen so she points back at herself!


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I think I may re-enable my Ad-blocker. :sunglasses:


Ok, we talked about the stoned guy before, now there is a new guy and he is even more stoned…
are they sure there isn’t MorphINE in that sarcosINE ??

Also, what the hec do they mean ‘shower more’ ?

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Looks like he has an implant behind his ear. Stepford Schizophrenics perhaps…


He’s too happy. Give that guy some NyQuil. Pronto.


i have not seen that dude yet…he looks like a cyborg from doctor who…AAAARRrrrrhhhhhhhh !?!
take care :alien:

p.s is he talking about me with " shower more comment " !?! that is rude !!

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Communication device?

That said, I have come up with a major conspiracy theory delusion…just for fun…(it’s a joke not a real delusion)

The ad for those vitamins has been watching this thread and the other one about the ads. It has decided to feed into our responses and is now adding new people every day. It is a covert test, complete with subtle subliminal hints in the pictures, such as the implant/communication device that tells us something weird is going on…

This new guy who looks like a Psychiatrist has a long double jointed thumb that looks like it is not really part of his own hand…maybe he is related to the black guy with the large thumb, though that guy was just testing our depth perception…
The bearded psychiatrist guy here wants to make friends instead of telling you to shower more, or pointing rudely at you…

The ad isnt run by the Nazis because it uses different races of people. It’s probably not run by the Communists, though there is a possibility of that.
It is most likely run by the Capitalists because its aggressive advertising of a product which is the Capitalist way…I therefore deduce the company and ad is created by a capitalist military psychiatrist from a government research program…

Looks more like a social worker then a psychiatrist.

He kind of looks like the last psychiatrist I saw. He could be a social worker too…then again his hair could be pulled back in a ponytail you can’t see and his arms loaded with tatoos, and he put on that pink striped shirt for the ad which he got paid to do…he normally wears leather and is really a Biker! LOL