I have a beard now!

Hey guy and the punters,

It’s been a year and a month but I have a beard now!

To my old friends…It took me long to learn the lesson but a year with little shaving is such a revelation.

My coolness indicator has increased 146%…My scaring of little children has increased 140%…my attraction to the opposite sex has increased 21%…because only certain chicks like hairy man…unless you like dogs!

One day I will return maybye…meanwhile…it’s years growth of hairy man…check my profile pic!

I am Rogueone hear me roar,



NiCE! I always start one and then shave it.


Either you’re given a great head of hair, or a great beard. Only time you can have both is if you are black haired & dark brown eyed.

Do you suffer from any pattern baldness on the scalp? If so, always make sure to keep a beard. That’s a great source of confidence, breh.

I keep my goatee trimmed about twice a month…I like a shadow of a beard but don’t like long facial hair. Looks good on you though @rogueone you remind me of something from the Hobbit. (that’s meant as a compliment…kind of like that King in the Hobbit that vanquishes the toughest Orc.)

I love beards, the longer the better. So hot!!! :wink:

Maybe dwarfs, like the courageous Gimli? They make braids in their beards. :))

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I told my sister and her BF that the world isn’t ready for me with a beard yet…It’s not that I can’t grow one, but the world isn’t ready for me with one yet ;).

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