I have a 3 day weekend

Every Monday through Thursday I have calls and meetings with staff from my mental health team but I always have Fridays off. I’m looking forward to having a good weekend and watching movies.


You get contacted every day Monday through Thursday by your mental health team? Wow. Why so much?

I don’t know why I get contacted so much. I wanted to ask them about that because I think it’s too much and a waste of time. I’m doing good and don’t have anything to talk about with them so I just want one phone call a week.

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Yeah. Even once a week is a lot.

They probably have a quota system where they don’t get paid unless they make a lot of calls.

I don’t know if they have a quota system. I have to have a treatment plan with two or three goals to work on for six months at a time. My goals before were to go to their three groups every week but they stopped doing groups because of COVID-19 so I don’t know what else to do. I just go on a weekly walk with a staff member for a goal of losing some weight.

They should adjust to the changes that had to be made due to Covid 19 and not require so much.


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