I have 5 devices/computers. sometimes i think i went overboard

1 of each kind

1 desktop
1 laptop
1 tablet
1 phone
1 backup phone (when 1st phone battery dies)

Sometimes i feel as tho id be more efficient with just 1 or 2 devices(ie, use them to the fullest)

I doubt that im gonna upgrade anymore


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want son to have touch screen on all devices,

but they’re getting smaller, and not good for what he can do with his hands.
Whatever you think is cheapest and easiest I guess.

1 desktop, 3 laptops, 3 tablets, 1 phone, 2 kindles. I suppose this is a little over the top.

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hey man… I’m sitting at three with 3 xboxes and two psps on top of that…

Planning on switching to and android phone soon…

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Unless you’re a multitasking :octopus: , that might be a wee bit excessive. Also, all the nerds in a 10 mile radius will be swooning :nerd:

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You can also have Apple-based desk/laptop and Windows-based desk/laptop.

We used to have palmtop in the past. (Ever heard of Psion palmtops in the early 2000?)


  • 4 desktop PCs
  • 2 desktop replacement style laptops
  • 3 ultrabook style laptops
  • 1 midrange laptop
  • 2 Chromebooks
  • 2 Netbooks
  • 5 Android PCs
  • 1x10 inch tablet
  • 1x7 inch tablet
  • Sony Xperia Z3 phone

I actually use ALL of this regularly. Podcasting for myself and I loan out gear to other people in the community broadcasting program we created.

(Don’t ask how many cameras or printers I own, by the way. Or mixers. Or other audio gear.)


Here’s my podcasting suite:

Here’s the automated system running the Net Radio Station:

Here’s my on-location remote (notice that some of the gear from my basement is on the table with it):

This is the mini-remote system for when space is very limited:

Some people play ‘sports’. I play ‘nerd’.


You have everything, but still lack one thing, the server farm.

Use whatever you feel you need too. Desktops I believe are more reliable, however you’re glued to one spot. Laptops are nice because you can move around and take them with you if you need to go somewhere while you’re working. Tablets I find are very limited, right now I only use mine for watching videos in bed at night or when I travel. Phone’s are necessary to stay in contact with people, if it’s a smart phone you also have access to internet and various games. I don’t know about the back-up phone, I have a cell phone and a land-line phone.

I’d easily trade in my tablet for a laptop though.

Had it when I worked in IT. Don’t miss it.

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Ezra Koenig finds no problem with this.

“Best gift was a new device. I am now a 3-device consumer.”

“I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I have one vice and it’s…device”

“1 device - not so nice. 2 device - let’s grab a slice. 3 device - might change my life. 4 device - make u my wife. 5 device?? Jesus Christ !”

“captain: pls put all ur device into airplane mode at this time

“I used 2 wanna find a good girl with 4-5 device, now I just want a bad bitch with a power strip”

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B and I share a PC for gaming, video editing / production, and internet access.

had an Android phone but it broke, needs replacing.
have an aspire netbook but it’s broken and needs replacing.

hoping to get this bad boy later this year --> https://shield.nvidia.com/store/tablet/k1
as a delayed birthday present.

also have an xbox 360 that gets a LOT of use (what would my life be without Netflix and YouTube?)
and an infrequently-used ps2

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sniff wish I had my own desktop

I was gonna make it an own thread but figure it’d be appropriate here to complain about the friggin iPhone 5’s battery😁. I spend so much time charging it barely get to use it.

@velociraptor King of the Nerds :crown::nerd:

I have “IT envy” (…swoons…)

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My command center


@_@ good christ… surprising for a mountain man!

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I have

4 xboxes
2 playstations
a Wii U


@velociraptor that looks epic.

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