I have 3 disorders

i was dz with paranoid disorder, anxious one and depressive. what ll be the most tough? i think probably the paranoid-it bothers me mostly… caus i am afraid in the company of others,i tighten myself. i am anxious even right now alone at my home,it sucks…which one is the most difficult to treat you think? are there schizos who have more than one problem like me?

Sounds like paranoia for you. APs got rid of my paranoia. I think negative symptoms are hardest to treat.

I have a few problems too. For me the anxiety is the worst part.

thanks astefanop. yeah, if i wont able to watch tv or read a book it wont be nice…

jim,i stil cant make out what is paranoia and what is anxiety in my case. but haldol is meant to be good for anxiety also as i know. they give it to anxious people before some operations…

Hey Anna. I too have a hard time teasing out what is paranoia and what is anxiety. The two are really intertwined.

Now I don’t try to see a difference. When I feel bad I just write off those feelings as part of my illness. Finding the right meds helps a lot.

Well, paranoia can make you anxious. But I’ve had paranoia without anxiety–just accusing people and coming up with conspiracies. Yesterday, I had anxiety from having too much caffeine. I didn’t have paranoia. I just felt stiff and overstimulated and felt I could die at any moment. It eventually went away and overall I thought it was mild.

My pdoc said my anxiety is to be expected given my paranoia. I agree it is very hard to tease out. I think it can be bi directional ie paranoia leading to anxiety and anxiety, especially social anxiety, leading to paranoia.

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I’m dx’ed sz and I have schizoid personality disorder and avoidant personality disorder. I probably have disorders they haven’t dx’ed yet.

Don’t let diagnoses bother you too much…I was given multiple as well and they tend to change…(went from nonspecific psychotic and anxiety disorder to new pdoc saying depression w psychotic features and PTSD…). It doesn’t mean anything it’s just serves as a guideline for treatment for the professional and allows them to prescribe you stuff and all that jazz.

I think the part I find hardest is the anxiety because it makes me hate life and (me and my therapist think) is what lead to the formation of both my depression and psychosis. But it’s different for everyone like some people are going to experience some symptoms worse than others. (Paranoia is a type of anxiety, if you think about it. Constant worrying about things you probably shouldn’t be worried about…)