I hated it

I went to this place where I had to test a prototype in exchange for a voucher and I was awkward I had to tell her I was feeling awkward. I am now drained of all this talking I had to do and don’t even want to go work tomorrow. I feel exhausted.


The place was the G office and I’m embarrassed

Wouldn’t sweat it too much @Milly– Google isn’t exactly known for their smooth talking employees. A lot of peeps in tech are lacking in the socializing department and that’s okay. Don’t feel too bad about it :+1:

ETA: I am awful at keeping conversations going, and they wear me out big-time as well, so I feel where you’re coming from.

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Conversations drain me. I lose track of what I’m trying to say and people get confused and I have to say never mind or just walk away.

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