I hate vacation. Just stress and extreme anxiety

I am miserable, the packing, the plane trip, the airport, the crowds, sensory overload. Going out to eat with people.

The food was good, but not worth it.

I’m in a hotel. The TV is on and I have my dogs. And I just want to be home.


That sucks. I’d tell you to try and enjoy it but I know that won’t help. Maybe try to relax and enjoy the room as much as you can. Maybe if you can really chill out and feel comfortable in that space you’ll be able to enjoy yourself when you’re out a little more. I love hotel rooms lol.


Yeah, I enjoy hotel rooms; they’re much cleaner than my apartment. So, I lie down on the comfortable bed and watch the TV for hours – very relaxing.

But yeah, getting there can be very stressful, especially if there are flight delays/cancellations.


My spouse said he can live here (in the hotel room).

I said no. I really ruin everything with my attitude.

This trip was gifted to us and I can’t even appreciate it.

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Don’t beat yourself up. Take a shower or something. try and see if you can get yourself in a different headspace


All that kinda stuff overloads me too.

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Don’t like travelling or vacation much. If there is proper structure to things I do well. Or if left to my own devices.

I prefer being left alone when I am tired on vacation. Wish people don’t bug me with you should just come out with us and not do anything. Hang around. I am like I will stay in room you guys can enjoy yourself.

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I feel like there is so much truth to this statement.

But people must love it for it to be done over and over again.

This is just day one. So much overload already. The airport process.

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I feel sorry for not being able to enjoy vacantion. I am sure you felt anxietty before about it, but also excitement as well. Try to find the excitement of beeing into a new location, tht comes with curiosity. But before take a good nap flying must have been very exhausting and takes it’s toll. Let your partener know you need a rest, hopefully will be better after.
Wish you best of time while there. Remember you can relay on your partener


Thanks. @Davincii

Not excitement… but, being somewhere new… okay maybe bit of excitement is accurate.

Maybe I can appreciate the day tomorrow. And know what was awful today and minimize my exposure to that. Thanks.

Sometimes I need a day or half to get comfortable with idea I am not in my used to environment. After slowing down for a day I get in better shape.

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